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Is it October 3rd Yet?


October 3rd will be the 59th anniversary of the most famous home run in history–Bobby Thomson‘s dramatic “home run heard ’round the world” off of Ralph Branca, which gave the New York Giants the 1951 National League pennant (pictured below).

That date is also the final day of the 2010 baseball season. As fun a year as it has been in many ways, after today’s 6-3 loss to Detroit–the South Siders’ fifth defeat in a row–I’m ready for it to end.
I’m tired of getting clobbered by the Twins and, lately, the Tigers. I’m tired of blown saves and the team’s inability to get clutch hits. I’m just plain tired of all of it and want to regroup and move on to 2011. Most of all I hate the fact we’re now 10 games out of first place.
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