May 2011

A Little Bit of Hope is a Good Thing

Winning a series might not seem like much, but it’s the first time the White Sox have accomplished the feat since early April when they did it against Tampa Bay. And the way the South Siders won today–with three runs in the top of the 10th to outlast the 
Mariners–is convincing enough for me to return to the blog after a much-needed week’s absence.
Believe me, as a Sox fan dating back to the 1950s, I’ve seen my share of hapless teams.
This year’s Sox, however, are not one of those dreadful ballclubs. That’s why this horrendous few weeks, filled with a non-existent offense, inconsistent pitching and shoddy defense, has been so alarming. No one in baseball has been able to figure it out.
Hopefully the last two games are the start of the turnaround. It won’t be easy with the Angels and A’s on the horizon, but I’m feeling a whole lot better than I did a week ago.
 Despite a sore wrist, Paulie enjoyed a 5 for 5 day as the Sox downed the 
 Mariners, 5-2.

P.S. — Thanks to all those who weighed in and encouraged me to make a speedy return.

Turning My Back on the Blog for the Greater Good

taking a break.gif
I feel for those poor baseball beat writers who have had to cover the disaster that has, up until now, been the 2011 White Sox. The difference between the scribes and yours truly is that I’m a fan and they’re not. So, while the reporters are witnessing the carnage, they don’t have my emotional investment–an investment almost 60 years in the making.
While I’m not throwing in the towel by any means and will continue to watch faithfully, I’m taking a hiatus from the blog until further notice. It might be a day, it might be a week, but recapping these games after watching them is like leaning into a left hook. It’s painful.
This is my way of preserving some of my sanity and at the same time challenging the baseball gods to stop this madness.

Sox April Report Card: Good, Bad, Mostly Ugly

61282305.jpgThe April results were ugly. A 10-18 record and nine games behind the first place Indians. So, how have things gone on an individual basis? Bet you can guess.

Mark Buehrle — 1-3 mark with a 5.12 ERA, but offense and pen have hurt him…Grade: C
Jesse Crain —  0-1 with a fine 1.50 ERA, but has been inconsistent…Grade: C
John Danks — 0-4, 3.92 and should have three wins…Grade: C
Gavin Floyd — 3-1, 3.60 and best record among the starters…Grade: B
Jeff Gray — 0-0, 3.48…Hard to judge, but has been decent in mop-up role…Grade: C
Phil Humber — 2-3, 3.06…Has been a huge surprise, near no-hitter vs. Yanks…Grade: B+
Edwin Jackson — 2-3, 5.86…Up and down, teased us in home opener. Grade: C
Will Ohman — 0-0, 8.31…Brutal start, better lately…Grade: C-
Tony Pena — 0-1, 9.64…I never feel you can count on him…Grade: F
Chris Sale — 2-0, 5.91…Sophomore jinx, has a lot to learn…Grade: C-
Sergio Santos — 0-0, 0.00…Brilliant, still hasn’t allowed a run in 2011…Grade: A
Matt Thornton — 0-2, 8.64, four blown saves…Awful, seems to have lost magic…Grade: F


Ramon Castro — 1 HR, 2 RBI, .261…Expecting more from reliable backup…Grade: C-
A.J. Pierzynski — 1, 11, .264…Like everyone else in lineup, need more…Grade: C+


Gordon Beckham — 2, 9, .194…Thought to be special, but now who knows?…Grade: F
Adam Dunn — 2, 10, .160…Appendectomy or not, a huge disappointment…Grade: F
Paul Konerko — 6, 19, .286…It’s certainly not the captain’s fault…Grade: A-
Brent Morel, 0, 7, .203…Was hoping for better in rookie campaign…Grade: D
Alexei Ramirez, 3, 10, .265…Better start than in past, a bit shaky at short…Grade: B-
Mark Teahen — 1, 3, .282…Decent at bat, surprisingly good in field…Grade: B-
Omar Vizquel — 0, 2, .276…A joy to watch, so glad we have him…Grade: B

Brent Lillibridge — 2, 3, .320…the NY legend has been solid in backup role…Grade: B+
Juan Pierre — 7 RBI, 5 SB…Not getting it done offensively or defensively…Grade: D
Carlos Quentin — 6, 17, .294…Along with Paulie, only offensive bright spots…Grade: A-
Alex Rios — 1, 6, .163…2009 form won’t cut it…He’s been horrible…Grade: F

                                Santos earns only solid “A” on April report card